Robert Fronjian

USA Class Winner and Multisport Athlete

My Fitness Journey

Robert Fronjian is a former accomplished amateur bodybuilder and endurance athlete. Fronjian holds over 16 NPC bodybuilding titles in the lightweight division, including four Overall Championship titles as a lightweight competitor (154 ¼). Some of those titles include the 1995 NPC East Coast Bodybuilding Championships Overall Winner, the 1989 Mr. USA Lightweight Class Winner, the NPC Physique 89 Overall Winner, the 1988 Mr. Washington D.C. Overall Winner, and the 1987 NPC Empire State Championships Overall Winner. Additionally, he is decorated as the 1987 NPC Mr.Connecticut Lightweight Class Winner and has won his class at the NPC Big East Championships, NPC Colonial States, NPC Gold’s Classic, NPC Jersey VI Classic, and NPC Eastern Classic Bodybuilding Championships. Robert’s mixed pairs titles include the NPC Connecticut State, NPC Eastern Classic, NPC Big East, and NPC Empire State Championships. Fronjian later crossed over to endurance events, particularly the marathon, learning a great deal about endurance training along the way. Fronjian qualified for the Boston Marathon twice, entering once and finishing in 2016. He also participated and finished the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon, 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 2013 ING New York City Marathon, 2012 Honda Los Angeles Marathon, 2012 Wipro San Francisco, and 2012 ING Miami Marathons.

Robert Fronjian

Dumont, NJ

Current Residence:
New York City, NY

Fordham University, NYC

BA, International Political Economy
National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT, CES, PES.

Entrepreneur Software Analytics Company

Time As Athlete:
32 years

Favorite Part of the Competition:
Being accountable for the results.


A New Trend in Fitness

The purpose of my website is to share information and fitness experiences with interested others.

I will be creating blog posts that are free to read and share as you wish. There will be advice about injuries, tips for runners, triathletes, and fitness seekers.

In addition, I’m happy to share my personal experiences in bodybuilding, fitness training, and nutrition, or if you have other motivations to run 26.2 miles.

I’m glad to help. Be my guest and read on.

Let’s start here; there probably wouldn’t be super-sized Health Club chains or high-end personal training studios if it weren’t for bodybuilding.

No, Richard Simmons didn’t invent it. We, the bodybuilders, created that stuff.

The equipment is much the same; it’s just better maintained, and most of the Health Clubs are carpeted with air-conditioning and painted walls.

A slight upgrade from the original “local gym sweatbox.”


The Erico brothers Danny and Vito originally started Equinox; the $200 a month fashion club trained a few feet from me every day in their dirty sweats and powerlifting belts at The World of Fitness gym in New Jersey.

Those identical Keto diets that all the Fitness model girls that jump on stage with high heeled stiletto’s and glistening one-piece swimsuits chow down on came from us; we were doing this in the ’70s and ’80s.

I recently watched Netflix with a Bruce Springsteen on Broadway show; he said something that struck a chord:

“I invented the Jersey Shore,” he said; there was no Jersey Shore before me, which is probably true.

And now we got that out of the way; we can continue with our fitness journey.

You don’t have to compete in fitness shows, but you can certainly work on being healthy and fit.

Be the best that you have to offer.

There will always be naysayers and “Debbie Downers”  telling you that you can’t do something.

I had them, don’t listen to it.

If you can dream it in fitness, you can certainly do it.

When I started bodybuilding, people at the gym often used me as part of their jokes, poking fun at me and telling me that girls had bigger arms.

But, it didn’t discourage or stop me for a second. If you put the work into it, the results will eventually follow.

I realized something early in my fitness ventures. My secret weapon wasn’t necessarily lifting heavy weights until I collapsed.

It was my discipline with diet and nutrition. It’s 85% of the fitness and health game.

I would stay as close to my contest weight year-round and build quality muscle.

I also kept a healthy regiment of low-impact cardio -riding a bike and incline treadmill walks- in my year-round fitness plan.

Cardio allowed a higher capacity for me to train faster and harder without taking long breaks between sets.

Finding a good nutritionist is a significant first step to helping your fitness and wellbeing move forward.

I would often write down what I had eaten for the past three days and adjust my diet as needed.

It worked as a subtle reminder that I held myself accountable for what I ate without constantly stressing over it.

About Running:

You don’t have to run full marathons to be considered a runner. 

I would mostly run a few miles to help get into shape for some sport or help make weight for a wrestling match.

It was only after getting a shoulder and bicep tear repair did I start adding on miles.

A few miles through Central Park began a short journey and a few more miles over the GWB through the hills of the Palisades Interstate Park overlooking the Hudson River in New Jersey to loops around Brickell Key in Miami to the hilltops of the Pacific Heights in San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge to the mountain tops in Marin County.

It’s funny how things work. Sometimes fitness and accomplishments have a way of finding you.

It’s just about getting a little bit motivated and taking the first few steps, which is probably true about most anything in life.

Let us be part of your fitness journey!!

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